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Here is an amazing story from the Bible – a man called Jesus had died a terrible death on a cross. Since he had been so undeserving of this punishment, his followers were very, very discouraged.

They were confused too, because there were now rumours going about that Jesus had come back to life. Two of these followers were on a road to the town of Emmaus, walking and talking – as discouraged, confused people do – to try and understand what was happening! As they walked along a stranger joined them. The stranger was Jesus himself but the followers were so caught up in their grief and conversation they did not recognise him.

Jesus began to converse with them too and soon all their confusion, discouragement and grief seemed to vanish! What had he said that made such a difference? The Bible records that,“…beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, he explained to them what was said in all the Scriptures concerning himself.” *

Emmaus Bible School

Emmaus Bible School

In 1940 a Canadian believer** came up with a creative idea to form an organisation with that same goal – “to explain in all the Scriptures what is said about Jesus Christ”, and Emmaus Bible School was formed. Only it was not a school with one campus – rather it was in the form of Bible study course booklets which students could read anywhere alongside their Bibles and search the Scriptures at their own pace. Exams were offered at the end of each Bible study so the students could test their comprehension. By now Emmaus Bible School has distribution centres all over the world in approximately 150 countries.

*This verse is found in the Bible in Luke 24:27.
** Edward Harlow